Rothbard + Clipd Beaks + Mike Bones + Health

I'm working on an edit that I think is turning out pretty good but I am sloooowww at it so sorry for the slowdown in posts lately. (Also: summer doldrums.) Here's a quick blast of some new stuff I'm liking.

Andrew Douglas Rothbard, Abandoned Meander (Peaking Mandala 2007)
West Coast psych, pastoral edition.

Andrew Douglas Rothbard - "Dardevle"

Clipd Beaks, Hoarse Lords (Lovepump United 2007)
West Coast psych, abrasive edition.

Clipd Beaks - "Melter"

Health, Health (Lovepump United 2007)

Health - "Triceratops"

Mike Bones, The Sky Behind the Sea (Social Registry 2007)
NY scene guitarist's singer-songwriter turn, out late fall on SR.

Mike Bones - "Love's Not Yours"

And if you're in nyc tonight: