Fusion explosion

Sometimes the search for the cosmic groove takes me into some serious fusion territory. Just a warning before you dive in, things could get pretty hairy ....

Lalo Schifrin, Gypsies (Tabu 1978)
I pitched a couple of these down and did some editing on "Pampas" to excise some high-pitched sax that would make Kenny G blanch. Cool album tho, very spacey.

Lalo Schifrin - "Rings Around the Moon"

Lalo Schifrin - "Pampas (Edit)"

Lalo Schifrin - "To Cast a Spell"

Brian Auger & The Trinity, Befour (RCA 1970)
Four drummers play on this cut simultaneously, one using his whole kit to play hi-hat rhythms, one representing the bass drum, snare, etc. ....

Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Listen Here"

The Eleventh House, Introducing the Eleventh House with Larry Coryell (Vanguard 1974)
Alphonse Mouzon on percussion, Coryell going nuts on guitar.

The Eleventh House - "The Funky Waltz"

Flying Island, Flying Island (Vanguard 1975)

Flying Island - "The Aquilon Wave"