La Bionda + Wuf Ticket

La Bionda, High Energy (Unidisc 1980)
Didn't used to like this album ... what was I thinking?? Anyone who can do a 100% straight-faced disco song about the energy crisis deserves our respect. But that's the title track -- this is "I Got Your Number," which starts out with a nice rock riff (sounds kinda like 10CC) before getting down to disco bizness.

La Bionda - "I Got Your Number"

La Bionda - "I Wanna Be Your Lover"

I've seen this posted on a couple other blogs before, but that's ok since it's the best video ever.

Wuf Ticket, "Ya Mama" 12" (Prelude 1982)
This one's a do-over after I accidentally posted the instrumental side.

Wuf Ticket - "Ya Mama" (Vocal)