Wooden Shjips + Arthur Verocai

Wooden Shjips, Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain 2007)
Holy Mountain's one of my favorite labels right now, just look at the album covers on their home page -- Om, the new Blues Control, the Cherrystones comps, and this disc from SF psychers Wooden Shjips (must be something in the water out there).

Wooden Shjips - "We Ask You to Ride"

Arthur Verocai, Encore (Far Out 2007)
Arthur Verocai's Encore on Far Out is a follow-up to his 1972 self-titled LP of orchestrated Brazilian folk, jazz and funk (reissued on Luv N'Haight). Should go great with the Tim Maia collection out soon on Luaka Bop ...

Arthur Verocai - "Bis"