Free show

Anyone in the nyc area this Saturday the 13th -- free show at Southpaw put on by WFMU, you'll have to get there early but the bill is stacked top to bottom:

Simply Saucer (first U.S. show)
Alan Vega
Old Time Relijun

Edit/update/errata: I should have read past the title of The Third Kind youtube, as Sean points out in the comments it's not a track by Simply Saucer but the name of a related band. For the real deal go here here and here. This show was awesome btw.

Oneida - "The Adversary"

Oneida live at the late great Brownie's in 2002 doing a song that later surfaced on Happy New Year .... how have I not seen them live before?! So psyched.

Oneida - "To Seed and Flower"

Simply Saucer - "The Third Kind"

Alan Vega - "Psychopatha"

Old Time Relijun - "Cold Water"

Old Time Relijun - "Wolves and Wolverines"