Space + Konk

Space, Magic Fly (United Artists 1977)

Do I lose disco cool points if I admit I got introduced to this classic synth record through Felix Da Housecat's cover version?? Ran across a copy a couple weeks ago at Tropical Jeremy's stoop sale in Brooklyn ... always happy to trade some lunch money for a few jams. Jeremy and Dan Selzer throw a monthly night at Heathers at 13th and A in the East Village called Dazzle Ships, come out next Wednesday 11/14 when me and Miguel guest star. Disco, kraut, postpunk, rocknroll, electronix, beer. Real laid back. 9 pm till late. Flyer coming soon.

Space - "Magic Fly"

Space - "Tango in Space"

This Friday 11/9 there's also this. It's free, go dance:

Konk - "Love Attack" [1986]

Funny that this is on Bright Lights, Big City, rubbing shoulders with Depeche Mode and "Pump Up the Volume," soundtracking Michael J.'s adventures with the Brazilian Marching Powder.