David Crosby + Mike Wexler + Hello, Blue Roses

A little different post today from what I've been putting up lately .... got snow on the ground so here's some gray winter hibernation music.

David Crosby - "Mountain Song #2" (studio outtake) [1970]

Mike Wexler, Sun Wheel (Amish 2007)
Hypnotic prog folk from Brooklyn feat. members of the Occasion.

Mike Wexler - "Pneuma"

Hello, Blue Roses, Hello Blue Roses (Locust 2008)
Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Porns) and Sydney Vermont creating quiet personal pop with synthetic tools (think Your Blues meets Kate Bush lite) ... but dig the trademark Dan guitar sound at the end. Out in January on Locust Music (Sir Richard Bishop, Henry Flynt, NNCK).

Hello, Blue Roses - "Shadow Falls"