Indoor Life + Laser Pace + Tangerine Dream

Indoor Life, Indoor Life (Celluloid 1981)
Totally owe Robots in Heat a beer or three for digging this up for me in SF. Essential West Coast synth-punk-funk produced by Patrick Cowley.

Indoor Life - "Gilmore of the Fillmore"

Laser Pace, Granfalloon (Takoma 1974)
Indescribable outer space funky prog electronics recorded for John Fahey's label using Morton Subotnick's Buchla synthesizer (literally). Excavated on this ILM thread that attracted the attention of one of the group's original members and possibly put the album on course for a reissue. Internet is cool sometimes.

Laser Pace - "Avatar"

Tangerine Dream, Alpha Centauri (Polydor 1971)
Lot of surface noise on this one, just pretend it's interference from another nebula.

Tangerine Dream - "Fly and Collision of Comas Sola"

This album is dedicated to all people who feel obliged to space