Love Unlimited + Bohannon + Hercules

Been slackin' lately, having too much fun watching Lost and The Wire and getting into Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise (no doubt the subject of a future post) ... for now here's some smooth late 70s funk to keep the weekend mellow ...

Love Unlimited Orchestra - "Strange Games & Things"

Bohannon - "Save Their Souls"

Hercules and Love Affair - "Blind"

New single (with Antony on vocals) from one of my most anticipated LPs of the year. (Also check the Frankie Knuckles remix.) Big night coming up at Studio B on 2/9 with Andy Butler, Robot Blair and Juan Maclean dj sets and Joakim live:

Then a couple weeks later on 3/1 Environ Records throws a Bar Mitzvah with Bumrocks, Dan Selzer, Jeremy Greenspan, Metro Area and a live set from Kelley Polar:

So get out of the apartment or something ... happy Super Bowl ...