Asha + Die Zwei

Came up on some sweet disco records this afternoon at the Flea -- Asha Puthli, two from Lime (stay tuned) and some crazy electro from Die Zwei that you can rock at your election-night party.

Asha, L'Indiana (Dash 1979)

Asha - "I'm Gonna Dance"

Asha - "There Is a Party Tonight"

Die Zwei, Grapsch! 12" (Personal 1984)

Die Zwei - "Grapsch! (Communist Party Mix)"

Die Zwei - "Grapsch! (U.S. Mix)"

Also over the weekend caught Kehinde Wiley's solo show that has another week or so left at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Only 10 paintings but worth the trip imo. (So was Saya Wookfalk's No Place (pre)Constructed, a romper-room temple colonized by very highly evolved sock puppets.)

Kehinde Wiley, Rubin Singleton