Gang Gang Dance + Kelpe + Zombie Zombie

Gang Gang Dance, St. Dymphna (Social Registry 2008)
Always kinda liked GGD in theory but never listened much .... that's gonna change with St. Dymphna. This is what I've always wanted them to sound like -- messy-beautiful global rhythm electronix, order meets chaos. Something clicked for me on this one.

Gang Gang Dance - "House Jam"

They also conducted the New York version of Boredoms' 88 Boadrum on 08/08/08, check out this excellent footage from UN:ART:IG:

Kelpe, Extraquarium (DC Recordings 2008)
Vinyl and download only remix record feat. Architeq, the Boats, the Oscillation, and Zombie Zombie ....

Kelpe - "Whirlwound (Stormy Version)"

.... which reminds me I never passed along the crazy vid down below that a friend put me up on a couple months ago. Yeah it's confusing that there's more than one zombie band with a John Carpenter fetish but if you remake The Thing in stop motion with G.I. Joes I'm apt to cut some slack.

Zombie Zombie - "Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free"