Psychic Ills + Earthless + Gang Wizard + Indian Jewelry

Multi-combo post, 4x heavy:

Psychic Ills, Mirror Eye (Social Registry 2009)
On their new full-length (out in Jan.), Psychic Ills ignore the propulsion and lounge in the mirror-eye thunderbolt pagoda while a musical fog settles around em echoing and oscillating, breeeeaaaaaathe it in ....

Psychic Ills - "Fingernail Tea"

Earthless, Live at Roadburn (Tee Pee 2008)
Hit start, rock hard for an hour and a half, hit stop -- total riff worship / feedback worship as San Diego's Earthless scorches Tilburg, Holland. Massive double disc.

Earthless - "From the Ages (excerpt)"

Gang Wizard, God-Time-Man Universal Continuum Calibration Disc (olFactory 2008)
I'm not always in th mood for a full-on freakout ... but yeah this is good, time for liftoff. Freeform rock and mangled/strangled electronix out of Burbank, Calif.

Gang Wizard - "Whoever Invents"

One more dose: Excellent vid for Indian Jewelry's "Swans" hosted on pitchfork.tv. That 30-second stretch with the strobes right before the end is a good representation of what it's like to see these dudes live ... *_*

Indian Jewelry - "Swans