Viva No. 13

Excellent xmas present for this week's show -- a heavy selection of swampy rock and fusiony funk from Robots in Heat. As always it airs live at noon on Saturday and then kicks over to the archive. Happy holidays everybody.

Deadheat No. 13 [12/20/08]
Jan Hammer - Darkness / Earth in Search of a Sun
Spirit - The Other Song
Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers
Les Baxter - Hoggin' Machine
Rita Jean Bodine - Dynamite
Muddy Waters - Bottom of the Sea
Luther Allison - Ragged and Dirty
Mandrill - Two Sisters of Mystery
Uriah Heep - Walking in Your Shadow
Savoy Brown - Poor Girl
Elephant - Do What You Love
Cozy Powell - El Sid [Robots in Heat Edit]
Jacques Higelin - Aesophage Boogie, Cardiac Blues
Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker