Viva No. 25

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Deadheat No. 25 [3/21/09]
Archie Whitewater - Cross Country (Money Studies Dub)
Nick Ingman - Down Home
Rhythm Heritage - Theme From SWAT
Dick Hyman - Topless Dancers of Corfu
David Keaton - Space Patrol
Lovefingers - Mexico (Lovefingers Barrio Edit)
Bobby Brown - Mambo Che Chay (Deadheat Edit)
Super Eagles - Don't Do That To Me
Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills - You Don't Love Me
Them - Could You, Would You
Thunderclap Newman - The Old Cornmill
Blue Oyster Cult - Screams
Frank Zappa - Excentrifugal Forz
Frank Zappa - Apostrophe
John Kongos - He's Gonna Step On You Again
David T. Walker - Lay Lady Lay