Viva No. 43: Grotto of Miracles

Bit late posting this due to excessive beach lounging. Another excellent hazy/moody playlist from Suge. Catch me and him at Heathers next Wed. Aug. 12. Oh yeah and Siren Fest was killer this year.

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Deadheat No. 43 [8/1/09]
Christophe Bailleau & Neal Williams - Tilleul
Angus Maclise - Humming in the Night Skull
Caetano Veloso - You Don't Know Me
David Grubbs - Holy Fool Music
The Angels of Light - Michael's White Hands
Inverness - If I Were a Giant
Gala Drop - Frog Scene
Meanderthals - Andromeda (Prelude to the Future)
Thick Business - Smoothest Runes
Peace In - Pyramid of Sun in the Heavens
Roxy Music - Bogus Man
The USA Is a Monster - All or Nothing
Es - Haamut Sun Sydamesta