Viva No. 64

This one's kind of all over the place. Good episode lined up for next week, check out #65 this Saturday at noon (in every time zone) on Viva.

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Deadheat No. 64 [1/9/10]
Carole King - He's a Bad Boy
Teenage Fanclub - Alcoholiday
Mudhoney - Burn It Clean
Royal Trux - Another Year
Sugar Billy Garner - I Got Some
Airto - Fingers (El Rada)
Harry Thumann - Underwater (12" Version)
Cappadonna - Slang Editorial
Linkwood Family - Piece of Mind
Grace Jones - Walking in the Rain
Roland Sebastian Faber - Hommage I
Portishead - Chasing the Tear
Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck