Bonus Beats - Quick Mix Vol. 2

Just like the first one, nothing high-concept or whatever, no perfect mixing -- just some current stuff to juice up the iPod. This edition is unofficially subtitled "I'm seeing Blood on the Wall tonight and by the time the show lets out the NYC subways might be shut down by a transit strike." Just seems ripe for debauchery and strange happenings. Hey, can't go home ... might as well get another round!

Quick Mix Vol. 2


1. Glass Candy - "Sugar and Whitebread"
2. Emperor Machine - "Front Man (Version Idjut)"
3. Black Dice - "Smiling Off (DFA Remix)"
4. Zongamin - "Bongo Song"
5. Francisco - "Malinco"
6. Digitalism - "Zdarlight"
7. Volga Select - "Transe"

Edit: In case you were wondering, the subways did not shut down (yet) but I got another round anyway.