Mutated jeans

I already posted once about the delightfully named Pissed Jeans from Allentown PA but now I've got the CD in my mitts and it deserves a place of pride all its own. Loud shrieking pounding feedback wrangling scumrock, sample lyrics: "I'm sick!! / I've got a headache!! / I'm dehydrated!!!!" Perfect for my foul mood the other day when it fucking snowed in fucking April. There's only eight songs on this so I'm not gonna post another one, go get "Closet Marine" off their web site like I did, or see if the xxjfg still have "Boring Girls," or just wait for June when Sub Pop puts out a 7". Y'know the plague-infected teens in the woods from Charles Burns' Black Hole -- this is the noize they would make if they started a band.