Spread Love Pt. 2

Love, Four Sail (Elektra 1969) [Buy it]
After the breakup of the original Love, Arthur Lee reconvened a new lineup and released this pretty good record two years after Forever Changes. "More progressive" isn't really the best way to describe the difference but it's all I can come up with -- a slightly less focused West Coast rock sound following on Changes' near-perfect psychedelic orchestra pop.

Love - "I'm With You"

Love, False Start (Blue Thumb 1970) [Buy it]
True to its title, False Start doesn't really hang together as an album; the songs sound like they are in varying states of completion, and Lee seems to be paying homage to Jimi Hendrix (as can be heard on the live "Stand Out") and Sly Stone rather than furthering his own vision. But even the "worst" Love album has its moments.

Love - "Gimi a Little Break / Stand Out"