Just doo watcha doo

Betty Botox, RVNG of the NRDS Vol. 2 12" (RVNG 2006)
Back with some serious bizness -- new 12" of sick edits from the folks that brought you the Flying Squad 12", a 33/45 favorite from the summer. (Now sold out I see, ooh, rare.) This one comes from a close personal friend of Optimo's JD Twitch and where the first volume was fun(k) this one is deep, twisted, tweaked, tribal electro disco (courtesy of Patrick Cowley's Indoor Life project on the A side and various other disco-fusion freaks on the rest of the edits). Betty says dance, bitchez.

Betty Botox - "Voodoo 1"

p.s. Big thanks to Slap You in Public for recommending tradebit for file hosting, looks like a winner.
p.p.s. All the mixes in the right sidebar are currently still available via sendspace, get em while they're hot. Something new is in the works.