Bo Hansson + Camarata

Bo Hansson, Attic Thoughts (Sire 1976)
For those who liked Lord of the Rings here's another dose of Bo. "Time for Great Achievements" has a nice David Axelrod feel to it.

Bo Hansson - "Time for Great Achievements"

Bo Hansson - "Waltz for Interbeings"

Bo Hansson - "Rabbit Music: (a) General Woundwort"

Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group, The Velvet Gentleman Music of Eric Satie (London 1983)
This post over at FMU got me to pull out a Camarata LP I hadn't listened to in ages. Velvet Gentleman, originally released in 1970, is nowhere near as bonkers as the album they posted, but it has a few nice Moog pieces. The middle section of "Avant-Dernieres Pensees" sounds like Black Moth Super Rainbow (I'm only partly kidding). Sorry about all the surface noise, a lot of crackles came through on this one.

Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group - "Avant-Dernieres Pensees - 1915 (I. Idylle II. Aubade III. Meditation)"

Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group - "Enfantillages Pittoresques - I. Petit Prelude a la Journee"

Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group - "Pecadilles Importunes - 1913 - I. Etre jaloux de son camarde qui a une grosse tete"