Dazzle Ships last voyage + Ariel Pink

Dazzle Ships was pretty much the first place I got to play some records in NYC besides a friend's house or my backyard so it's a bummer to see it takin a break after a 3-year run. That said this Wednesday at Heathers (9pm, 506 E 13th St. at Ave A) should be a pretty epic send-off, some kinda round robin record listening fest with a bunch of past DJs ... wouldn't miss it. (And just an early heads-up -- Deadheat is gonna be on a Tuesday this month -- Feb 17 also @ Heathers -- so mark it down.)

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Can't Hear My Eyes" [2008]

Love the Fleetwood Mac / Boz Scaggs smoothed out pop vibe on this new(ish) Ariel Pink track off their sold out 7" on Mexican Summer. Touring West to East all through the winter before they hit Music Hall of Wburg with Vivian Girls on April 2, then both bands head back out West for Coachella ...