It's a Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day, It's a Beautiful Day (Columbia 1969)
Sweet psychedelic folk-rock fuzz from San Francisco, mostly in the mellow phaser vein of "White Bird" .... but they really kick it out on "Wasted Union Blues."

It's a Beautiful Day - "Wasted Union Blues"

It's a Beautiful Day - "White Bird"


Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes + Ashra

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes, No. 2 (Festival 1970)
Paris, part two (part one below) ...

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - "Sirba"

Ashra, Blackouts (Virgin 1977)
Synthesizer and delay-pedal blissouts by Manuel Gottsching.

Ashra - "Don't Trust the Kids / Blackouts"


Sally Shapiro

Sally Shapiro, Remix Romance Vol. 1 (Paper Bag 2008)
For a while there, balearic disco overdose led me to a cold-turkey Lindstrom withdrawal phase. But damn this is pretty nice, almost gives some of those Studio remakes a run for the money. From Sally Shapiro's new remix record, also featuring Junior Boys, Juan Maclean and others ...

Sally Shapiro - "Time to Let Go (Lindstrom Remix)"

Dynastie Crisis

Dollar-to-euro conversion makes record shopping in Paris kinda tough but I still found some great stuff. As soon as I dropped the needle on Dynastie Crisis I thought "oh man this is one of those Cherrystones type of records" .... and sure enough a track from another one of their albums ("Faust '72") found its way from the Hidden Charms comp to the Ocean's 12 soundtrack. "Le Corbeau et Le Renard" is even better imo, and not just beacuse they're repping my last name (translated title means "the crow and the fox"). French funk rock from 1972, sick drums!

Dynastie Crisis - "Le Corbeau et Le Renard"

Dynastie Crisis - "Everything - Everybody - Everywhere"


Schoolly D

Schoolly D - "King of New York" [1990]

How have I never seen this before??!! Dir. by Abel Ferrara.

King Khan & the Shrines + Dark Meat

Dozen-member-plus traveling musical freak-show caravans seem to be falling from the sky at Vice right now. Dark Meat's southern-fried alt-rock rambling might need to marinate in my eardrums a little more before I fully embrace the flow ... but this new King Khan & the Shrines track is THE BUSINESS. Saw him in the Khan and BBQ Show incarnation last fall at Cake Shop in NYC and learned a brand noo dance: "Do the teabag!!"

King Khan & the Shrines - "Torture"

Dark Meat - "Freedom Ritual"

Gui Boratto + Jona

Hot show I won't be able to make it to -- Gui Boratto (live) and Jona (DJ) @ Fixed (Studio B) on Saturday 4/12. (Instead of drinking in the warm tones of "Arquipelago" and "Mala Strana" I'll be drinking absinthe in Mala Strana.)

Gui Boratto - "Mr. Decay" (DEMF 2007)

Gui Boratto - "Noronha" [2007]

Jona - "Manta" [2008]



Fun site to play with. Here's my first mux ...

Denis of Cork - Southwest S.

Lots of big racing tomorrow, I should just forget all this music stuff and start a Derby YouTube blog. Psyched for this guy's return race in the Ill. Derby.


Vincent Montana Jr.

Vincent Montana Jr. - "It Looks Like Love" [1978]

Klaus Dinger 1946-2008

Neu! - "Hero" [1974]

La Dusseldorf - "Rheinita" [1979]