33/45 Mix - Shadows

50 min, 58 mb

Excepter - Orly?
This Heat - 24-Track Loop
Nini Raviolette - Je Tu Nous (Remixed by Sir Alice)
2VM - Unscathed
Antifamily - Work Cheap
Dorau/Kohncke - Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix)
Rinder & Lewis - Gluttony
Klein & MBO - More Dirty Talk
Zongamin - Double Dostiev
Black Strobe - Italian Fireflies
Common Sense - Voices Inside My Head
Betty Botox - Voodoo 1 (Indoor Life)
Electroputas - International Harvest
Can - Thief


Thee Headcoats + Buddy Holly

Been a little slow in posting lately while I work on a mix that will hopefully be up in the next week. For now here's two squares: you vs. a cowboy.

Thee Headcoats, She's in Disguise b/w Cowboys Are Square 7" (Birdman 1996)

Thee Headcoats - "Cowboys Are Square"

Buddy Holly - "You're So Square"


Jimi & Curtis

Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight, Flashing (Capitol 1967)
Seeing the Dirtbombs at Southpaw on Saturday put me in the mood for these jams ...

Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight - "Hornet's Nest"

Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight - "Happy Birthday"



Cinderella, Cinderella (Sunshine 197?)
I know very little about this Filipino pop record that I found at a yard sale in Virginia Beach a few years ago (probably purchased overseas during someone's stint in the Navy, I'm guessing). A google search doesn't even reveal what year it came out, although there's a brief mention of the group in this bare-bones wiki on "The Manila Sound" ("Manila sound is styled as a light pop music in 'taglish' language characterized by 'juvenile lyrics' and, not infrequently, by 'swardspeak' (aka 'gayspeak,' i.e. homosexual slang) recast as novelty, comedy or satire.") At any rate I keep coming back to this album for its smooth '70s pop and mellowed-out vibe.

Cinderella - "Ikaw Ang Idol Ko"

Cinderella - "Likaw Tingin"

Cinderella - "'T.L.' Ako Sa 'Yo"


Perrey & Kingsley

Perrey & Kingsley, Kaleidoscopic Vibrations (Vanguard 1967)
Anyone a little familiar with electronic pioneers Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley has probably heard this before, but here's a couple of tracks from an all-time classic.

Perrey & Kingsley - "Toy Balloons"

Perrey & Kingsley - "One Note Samba - Spanish Flea"


The Beach Boys + Fleetwood Mac

Classic rock for cold weather. Yep it's true, the Beach Boys make for ideal listening year-round -- 1960s in the summer, 1970s in the winter. (What do you think they all grew beards for?)

The Beach Boys, Sunflower (Brother 1970)
"All I Wanna Do" is wonderful effects-drenched melancholy. And for Valentine's Day sentiment you could do a lot worse than "Slip On Through."

The Beach Boys - "All I Wanna Do"

The Beach Boys - "Slip On Through"

The Beach Boys, Holland (Brother 1972)

The Beach Boys - "Sail On, Sailor"

The Beach Boys - "Steamboat"

Fleetwood Mac, Bare Trees (Warner Bros. 1972)
I gotta admit, I'm a recent convert to the Mac. (See also: Fairport Convention.) There is some sick guitar playing on this record!

Fleetwood Mac - "Danny's Chant"

Fleetwood Mac - "Bare Trees"

The Glimmers

Well, Lindstrom was pretty fun .... he played some good stuff, although it never took on much momentum. People seemed like they wanted to really go off but his set was all build-up, not many peaks. ("I Feel Space" served the purpose I guess -- filled the floor and got the most strobe-lighting -- but even that's a pretty slow-burning track, huge hit or no.)

Biggest reaction during the rest of the night was for "Show Me Love". I haven't decided if that's awesome or kinda sad.

Already got my tix for Optimo, naturally ... less than two weeks, people!

The Glimmers, FabricLive 31 (Fabric 2006)
Meanwhile I've been listening to this mix by the Glimmers from Belgium ... kicks off with a ravey rework of Roxy Music into 1979 postpunk by Fingerprintz (and you can hear the now ubiquitous "Things That Dreams Are Made Of" by Human League coming in on the end). A couple of these tracks I could have stood not to hear again so soon ("Disco Infiltrator," really?), but it's a fun party mix. Love the Pierre Henry track near the end.

Fingerprintz - "Wet Job"

Pierre Henry - "Too Fortiche"



Tonight ...


Wierd Records + Forbidden Planet

Various Artists, Wierd Compilation (Wierd Records 2006)
One of those "where the fuck did all this come from" type of albums (guess I missed some good parties). "Since 2003 WIERD has been dedicated to featuring live performances by bands and DJs working within the worlds of Coldwave, Minimal Synth, Gothic, Darkwave, EBM, Industrial Dance, Electro, Apocalyptic Folk, and Postpunk" .... whether from New York, Chicago, Miami or overseas. Their first release is this epic comp. -- 3LP's plus a 7-inch and a 26-page photo book. Massive. (Limited to 1000 so act fast.) And yeah 2VM's Marc Houle is the "Bay of Figs"/M_nus Records guy ...

2VM - "Let's Play"

Opus Finis - "Scrying Formation"

Louis & Bebe Barron, Forbidden Planet OST (Planet Records 1956)

In scoring FORBIDDEN PLANET -- as in all our work -- we created individual cybernetic circuits for particular themes and leit motifs, rather than using standard sound generators. Actually, each circuit has a characteristic activity pattern as well as a "voice." ... We were delighted to hear people tell us that the Tonalities in FORBIDDEN PLANET remind them of what their dreams sound like.
-- Louis & Bebe Barron

Louis & Bebe Barron - "Forbidden Planet (excerpt)"
  1. "Main Titles - Overture"
  2. "Deceleration"
  3. "Once Around Altair"
  4. "The Landing"
  5. "Flurry of Dust - A Robot Approaches"


McNeal & Niles + Les Crane + Eddie Harris

McNeal & Niles, Thrust (Chocolate Industries 2004)
This moody, funky LP from 1979 (self-pressed in a generic sleeve and promptly forgotten) was rediscovered and reissued .... I'd call it accidental genius but the more I listen to this record the more it sounds like they know exactly what they're doing. Good one to put on first thing in the morning.

McNeal & Niles - "Quiet Isle"

Les Crane, Desiderata (Warner Bros. 1971)
This prose poem was an unlikely hit for Crane, a DJ and late-night talk show host (his show ran opposite Johnny Carson's). Sounds like a mix of Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Soul Zodiac and a self-help book .... plus some sick drum breaks.

Les Crane - "Friends"

Les Crane - "Courage (Eyes That See)"

Eddie Harris, Instant Death (Atlantic 1972)
C'mon, plug me in.

Eddie Harris - "Superfluous"

Eddie Harris - "Zambezi Dance"


Panda Bear + Antifamily

Great clip of the Animal Collective's Panda Bear doing "Bro's" from his forthcoming Person Pitch, out in March on Paw Tracks. It's a beautiful record .... poppy and fun but still very skewed ... with echoes big enough to live in. I think this is the cover:

Also sweet is the epic "Good Girl" / "Carrots" on Panda's split 12" with Excepter (ya rly). Nearly 13 mins. of sunny tribal electronic pop reggae, so nice.

Panda Bear - "Good Girl (excerpt)"

Antifamily, Antifamily (Difficult Fun 2006)
The only thing rivalling PB in my rotation right now is the first full-length from U.K. collective Antifamily, out on Difficult Fun. Spare, rhythmic, political postpunk with clear roots in the '70s avant garde -- the back cover even seems to nick This Heat's blue and yellow color scheme.

Antifamily - "I of the Law"