Rothbard + Clipd Beaks + Mike Bones + Health

I'm working on an edit that I think is turning out pretty good but I am sloooowww at it so sorry for the slowdown in posts lately. (Also: summer doldrums.) Here's a quick blast of some new stuff I'm liking.

Andrew Douglas Rothbard, Abandoned Meander (Peaking Mandala 2007)
West Coast psych, pastoral edition.

Andrew Douglas Rothbard - "Dardevle"

Clipd Beaks, Hoarse Lords (Lovepump United 2007)
West Coast psych, abrasive edition.

Clipd Beaks - "Melter"

Health, Health (Lovepump United 2007)

Health - "Triceratops"

Mike Bones, The Sky Behind the Sea (Social Registry 2007)
NY scene guitarist's singer-songwriter turn, out late fall on SR.

Mike Bones - "Love's Not Yours"

And if you're in nyc tonight:


Alan Vega + White Mice

Alan Vega, Saturn Strip (Elektra 1982)
Alan Vega, Ric Ocasek and Al Jourgensen. On the same track. At first you're like ???? but then you listen to it and it's !!!!

Alan Vega - "Saturn Drive"

White Mice, White Mice (Basic Replay 2006)
The first time I bought this awesome reissue I accidentally got the "versions." (Not a bad mistake to make, the instrumentals are amazing ... digi bass gone wild.) Here's a taste of the vocals.

White Mice - "Tallawah"


Harvey Mason + Wuf Ticket

Harvey Mason, Funk in a Mason Jar (Arista 1977)
Best track I've found in ages ... it's not right to bury it at the end of that half-assed mix of mine down below ...

Harvey Mason - "Space Cadets"

Wuf Ticket, "Ya Mama" 12" (Prelude 1982)
For fans of the Gap Band, Newcleus, outer-space synthesizers and mama jokes. Edit: Whoops I just realized I posted the instrumental. Wrong side, dude. I'll post the vocal later ...

Wuf Ticket - "Ya Mama"


Quick Mix Vol. 7

Quick Mix Vol. 7
Except for the Douglas I found all of these today at a stoop sale.

Denroy Morgan - Happy Feeling
Poussez! - Boogie With Me
Cheyne - Call Me Mr. Telephone
Kid Creole presents Coati Mundi - Me No Pop I
Douglas Sound - Breakwind
Harvey Mason - Space Cadets


Bill Deal + Rare Earth + The Nilsmen

Despite this blog's title I haven't posted very many 45's at all .... gonna try to remedy that in the next couple weeks. Beware, some of these are extra skratchy.

Bill Deal & the Rhondels - "Tuck's Theme" (Heritage 1969)

Rare Earth - "Magic Key" (Rare Earth 1969)

The Nilsmen - "The Sand Step" (RJR 196?)



Don't Look Now (1973)

Codex Seraphinianus (1981)

Jean-Claude Vannier - "L'Enfant La Mouche et Les Allumettes" (1972)
French TV performance

Sarolta Zalatnay - "Mostanaban Barmit Tesz├╝nk"

Sarolta Zalatnay - "Boogie Woogie Laz" (1982)
Rocked-out Hungarian disco ... amazing

Dungen - "Familj" (2007)


The Social Registry

Better late than never dept.: Been meaning to mention this for a while, The Social Registry label has nearly their whole roster performing in Brooklyn this weekend, including Samara Lubelski, whose new one Parallel Suns is due out in October. (She's also at work on Thurston Moore's forthcoming solo record.) Pastoral folk-pop with psychedelic details fuzzing up the edges ...

Samara Lubelski - "Tasting the Candy"

Psychic Ills - "January Rain"

There's also a sick lineup at PS1 Warm Up today from Troubleman / Italians Do It Better - Glass Candy live, Mike Simonetti and Lovefingers djing, plus Elliott Sharp. Basically way too much going on today for me to have to be @ work. :(


Selda + Ghana Soundz

Selda, Selda (Finders Keepers 2006)

Selda - "Yaz Gazteci Yaz"

Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana (Sound Way 2002)

Rob - "Make It Fast, Make It Slow"


Out on the weekend

Going upstate to hit the striped tents of Saratoga. Bourbon and horses and it's almost my birfday. Rarrrr.

Cannonball Adderley ft. Rick Holmes - "Leo"