Janko Nilovic

Janko Nilovic - "Rush on the Ball" [1970]

Janko Nilovic - "Funky Stage" [1970]


Algarnas Tradgard + Wade Nichols

Algarnas Tradgard - "Rings of Saturn" [1972]

Wade Nichols, Rvng of the Nrds Vol. 5 (Rvng 2008)

"Wanda Road Again"


Manuel Gottsching


Manuel Gottsching - "E2-E4"


The Joshua Light Show


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Amazing free event Aug. 15 at Damrosch Park as part of the Lincoln Center Out of Doors series. Also features Perotin's Beata Viscera and a 200-guitar orchestra performing Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail. Should be epic!!


Padded Cell

(Quick note: No DEADHEAT tonight, we got bumped for a private party. Back next Thursday 6/26 at Bowery Electric.)

Padded Cell, Night Must Fall (DC 2008)
Been anticipating this one ever since "Signal Failure" came out (btw do these guys have the best cover art or what). Dark disco pulses, sharp guitars and downtown skronk ... "Faces of the Forest" reminds me of some James Chance project with that honking sax ... probably no accident, check Richard Sen's 10 BEST DOWNTOWN NEW YORK CLASSICS on the myspace.

Padded Cell - "Faces of the Forest"

"Word of Mouth"


Black Vatican

Black Vatican, split w/ True Primes (Locust 2008)
Voices and low-humming machines making ghostly echoey pop music ... this one's from their side of a split LP with True Primes. Emerging from Iowa to play Glasslands in Brooklyn on June 29th.

Black Vatican - "Beautiful Reformer"

Andwellas Dream

Andwellas Dream, Love and Poetry (Lightning Tree 2006)
Reissue of a 1969 LP that's not nearly as hippie mystical crazy forest as I expected -- think power-pop-psych a la Zombies, Badfinger, Thunderclap Newman. And I'm cool w/ that.

Andwellas Dream - "The Days Grew Longer For Love"

Andwellas Dream - "Felix"



Jacks - "In the Broken Mirror" [1968]

Reminder: Another DEADHEAT this Thursday 6/12 at Bowery Electric -- might want to get there on the early side, there's a lot going on at the bar but we're gonna try to squeeze in as much rocknroll as we can starting at 8 pm. Last week went something like this:

A.R. & Machines - Schönes Babylon .. Mission of Burma - Secrets .. Oneida - Each One Teach One .. Federale - Transcendental Lunch .. The Pretty Things - Old Man Going .. Leaf Hound - Freelance Fiend .. MC5 - Teenage Lust .. Pere Ubu - Street Waves .. A Certain Ratio - Shack Up! .. Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood .. Captain Beefheart - Zig Zag Wanderer .. Love - Seven and Seven Is .. Harvey Mason - Space Cadets .. Alternative TV - Action Time Vision .. Tubeway Army - Bombers .. The Fall - Wolf Kidult Man .. United States of America - Hard Coming Love .. Suicide - Rocket USA .. Jesus & Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk .. Neu! - Negativland .. Paul McCartney - Darkroom .. Antifamily - Law of the Plainsmen .. The Clash - The Call Up .. The Groupies - Primitive .. Iron Butterfly - Soul Experience .. Blue Öyster Cult - The Red & the Black .. The Cramps - The Way I Walk .. Grifters - Skin Man Palace .. Oblivians - Bad Man .. & more ..



Various Artists, Obsession (Bully 2008)
Dozens of psych comps have been popping up like mushrooms for the last few years but this one goes deeper and wider than most (hitting India, Turkey, Brazil etc). In fact it didn't have anything I'd ever even heard of outside of Ersen (and that one I only knew because he's got a whole reissue of his own on Kinders Keepers). Loving the variety on this, from weird spacey strummy Brazilian stuff to head imploding guitar burners.

Arif Sag - "Osman Pehlivan"

Ersen - "Gonese Don Cicegim"


Pierced Arrows + John Phillips

First up don't forget the inaugural DEADHEAT tomorrow night at Bowery Electric!

Pierced Arrows, Straight to the Heart (Tombstone 2008)
Up from the ashes of Dead Moon comes Pierced Arrows, sounding ... well pretty much exactly like Dead Moon. And that's just how we want it! Inspiring raw rock n roll blasting out of the Oregon woods.

Pierced Arrows - "Frankenstein"

John Phillips, s/t (John the Wolfking of L.A.) (Harte 2008)
Crucial reissue of the 1970 solo debut from Mamas & Papas leader John Phillips. Laidback California country-rock storytelling with crack session players and tons of pedal steel and dobro. For fans of the Gram Parsons solo records (and who isn't).

John Phillips - "Someone's Sleeping"

P.S. - Finally!