Excepter + Growing + Hall of Fame

Excepter, Debt Dept. (Paw Tracks 2008)
"Pawn" operatives directed to menial tasks, viral marketing, copywriting, weblogging, etc.

Excepter - "Kill People"

Growing, Lateral (Social Registry 2008)
Mini LP out next month ... this track is my favorite thing they've done so far. Stuttery but soothing impressionistic loop painting.

Growing - "Lateral"

Hall of Fame, First Came Love, Then Came the Tree (Amish 2008)
LP-only reissue of an OOP compact disk release from 1999 featuring Samara Lubelski and other key personnel ...

Hall of Fame - "Paper Thin"

Hall of Fame - "Vermillion"


Times New Viking

Matador's posted up some teaser tracks ahead of the 1/22 release of one of my most anticipated records of 08: Times New Viking's Rip It Off. Still catchy as hell, still pushing their way out of the speakers through an ear-shredding cone of noise. Love these guys.

Times New Viking - "(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory"

(Hit up 20 Jazz Funk Greats for another one, "Faces on Fire.")

p.s. R.I.P. Pies 'n' Thighs, see u in the summertime boo.


Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy

Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy - "I Was a Creep" [1975 / 2007]


Sun Ra + Sun City Girls + Tinariwen

Sun Ra - "The Perfect Man" [1973]

Sun City Girls - "Tarmac" [1990]

Tinariwen live @ Other Music NYC


Blood on the Wall + Martial Canterel

Blood on the Wall, Liferz (Social Registry 2008)
Been sitting on this one a little while until the calendar flipped: New rock from Brooklyn's Blood on the Wall out 1/22 on Social Registry. Awesomer had more tunes (i.m.o.) but this one rocks harder with beefed-up production & punky fury. "Is something wrong with your face??!?!?" (SR also has a new one from Growing coming down the pike in February that's my favorite thing they've done so far.)

Edit: BOTW end their U.S. tour for Liferz on 2/22 at Music Hall of Williamsburg (formerly North6) ...

Blood on the Wall - "Acid Fight"

Martial Canterel, Refuge Underneath (Wierd 2007)
Two cassettes (Drilling Backwards from 2006 and Sister Age from '04) by minimal wave prime mover Sean McBride aka Martial Canterel hit CD for Brooklyn's Wierd Records as a taster for a new Canterel LP. When Wierd Compilation Vol. I came out, I assumed it was a defining document handed down from a scene that had come and gone, but suddenly there's lots more on the way from that camp including the 37-track Wierd Compilation Vol. II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008.

Martial Canterel - "Listener Dead"

Martial Canterel - "Drilling Backwards"


Best of 2007

Before we get things rolling for the new year ...

"Comfy in Nautica"

1. Panda Bear, Person Pitch [Paw Tracks]

Website promo video

2. Studio, West Coast [Information]


3. The Black Lips, Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo [Vice]


4. Magik Markers, Boss [Ecstatic Peace]

5. James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, Fabriclive 36 [Fabric]

"Little Amps"

6. Times New Viking, Present the Paisley Reich [Siltbreeze]

7. Prins Thomas, Cosmo Galactic Prism [Eskimo]

"Every Single Line Means Something"

8. Marnie Stern, In Advance of the Broken Arm [Kill Rock Stars]

Chromatics - "In the City"

9. Various Artists, After Dark [Italians Do It Better]


10. Turzi, A [Kemado]

Von Spar - "Xaxapoya"

Honorable mention: Von Sudenfed, Tromatic Reflexxions [Domino] / Wooden Shjips, Wooden Shjips + bonus disc [Holy Mountain] / UGK, Underground Kingz [Jive] / Pissed Jeans, Hope For Men [Sub Pop] / Von Spar, Xaxapoya [Tomlab]

Shows: Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool, Neil Young @ United Palace, Oneida / Simply Saucer / Alan Vega / Old Time Relijun @ Southpaw, Marnie Stern @ Knitting Factory, Times New Viking / Psychedelic Horseshit / Blues Control @ Luna Lounge, Pissed Jeans / Fucked Up @ Southpaw, Excepter @ Rockstar Bar, drinking margaritas in Dumbo after getting shut out of 77BOADRUM

Flicks: There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, I'm Not There, The Taste of Tea, Inland Empire ('06), Michael Clayton, Ratatouille, Killer of Sheep, Superbad, The Host