Break time

Well it seems EZArchive is kaput as a viable place to put my files. Good timing, actually, cuz I'm about to box up my records for the moving truck, so I needed to take a short break anyway. I'm trying to finish up a mix that should be posted in the next couple of days, and repost all the old mixes whose links have expired, and then that will be it for a little while, until I get the Internet up and running at my new place and get my tech correct with a new file host. In the meantime:
  • Check out round two of my eBay auction fire sale.
  • LCD Soundsystem's 45:33 (nice title) might be the only music you need for the next couple weeks. Chicago piano, glockenspiel microhouse, and beardo disco vocoder frenzy dissolves into chiming ambient cooldown. And we all know you could use some exercise.
  • Hoping to check out some CMJ shows this week, including the Rapture and TK Webb and whatever else I stumble across.

See ya soon!


Livin' it up till I'm really down

The Heads, Heads Up (Liberty 1968)
These guys sound like Van Morrison's Them (minus the R&B) slowed down to Vanilla Fudge tempo.

The Heads - "Land of the Stoned Soul"

Circus Maximus, Circus Maximus (Vanguard 1967)
Pretty fierce garage psych cut from '60s band feat. Bob Bruno and Mr. Bojangles himself, Jerry Jeff Walker. Sick guitar solo at about 1:30.

Circus Maximus - "Travelin' Around"



Jah Wobble / The Edge / Holger Czukay, Snake Charmer Mini LP (Island 1983)
Thought I hated this but I pulled it back out and a couple tracks are pretty schweet. Sounds better pitched down a little, imo. Produced by Francois Kevorkian.

Jah Wobble / The Edge / Holger Czukay - "Snake Charmer Reprise" (-8)

Prins Thomas, "Fehrara" / "Is It Big Enough?" 12" (Full Pupp 2006)
Long live Norway.

Prins Thomas - "Is It Big Enough?"


Psychic jewelry

Psychic Ills' full-length Dins was one of my favorites of late 05 / early 06. The forthcoming Early Violence collects the vinyl-only Mental Violence I 7" and Mental Violence II: Diamond CIty 12" along with some odds and ends and unreleased tracks (inc. the woozy keyboard-based "Red-Split," debuted in Galactic Zoo Dossier mag and currently up on the Ills' myspace). Some of this material is pretty demo-ish, with an early two-man drum machine lineup, but they quickly tune in on the murky feedback fog and circular rhythms heard on the later LP. Some of the best tracks on Early Violence sit somewhere between the two.

Psychic Ills - "4AM"

Out on tour this winter with another current fave of mine, Indian Jewelry (Knitting Factory 12/16).

Indian Jewelry - "Come Closer"

Moving sale

33/45 HQ is relocating from Queens to Brooklyn and I'm trying to downsize a little, so I put some LPs up on eBay, mainly '90s college rock and hip-hop. The current auctions only have three days left but there should be a second or third round in coming weeks. Check em out.


Remnants of a burned-out scene

Dead Moon, Echoes of the Past" (Sub Pop 2006)
One of those bands that doesn't so much have a backstory as a creation myth, a sort of inevitability and necessity of their existence. (Doug Mosurak ran it all down in Dusted better than I could. Required reading, there will be a test.) Fred Cole is like a parallel Neil Young, and it's not just the high singing voice and one-string gtr solos -- they're both true survivors, in it for the long haul, although in Cole's case subtract out the stylistic experiments and substitute a single-minded, almost maniacal pursuit of "Farmer John" three-chord rock. This two-disc set on Sub Pop has 49 tracks selected by Cole, more than enough to get familiar.

Dead Moon - "Dead Moon Night"

Dead Moon - "Johnny's Got a Gun"

Bonus track from the wayback machine: Cole's original band, the Lollipop Shoppe. I always thought the vocals on this song from 1968 sounded strangely like Television.

Lollipop Shoppe - "You Must Be a Witch"