Lovefingers, Rvng of the Nrds Vol. 4 12" (RVNG 2007)
Hot re-edits from the CA-to-NY cosmic explorer Lovefingers and RVNG (following earlier entries from Tim Sweeney, Betty Botox and Mock & Toof). Described as "a squishy-squashy space funk anthem" this track deploys wicked synth lazers over wonky bubbly bass. I'll have what the space invaders are having. (Clips of the other three tracks are here.)

Lovefingers - "Bermuda"


33/45 on WFMU

Jean-Claude Vannier

I taped a radio show for WFMU's Listener Hour, you can hear it from 9 to 10 a.m. Saturday or download it from the station's archives after it airs:

Live streaming audio

Archives (mp3 / RealAudio)


Soft Machine - "Down the Road"
Lord Buckley - "The Subconscious Mind"
Donovan - "Tangier"
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - "18 Is Over the Hill"
The Byrds - "Natural Harmony"
The Heads - "Land of the Stoned Soul"
Bo Hansson - "The Black Riders"
Wings - "Venus and Mars"
Alan Parsons Project - "I, Robot"
Ganymed - "Future World"
Papa Michigan and General Smiley - "One Love Jamdown"
Cymande - "Genevieve"
Iron Butterfly - "Soul Experience"
Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - "Electric Bananas"
Jean-Claude Vannier - "L'enfant au royaume des mouches"

I'll go back later and add some comments for each track. Thanks for listening!


33/45 Dazzle Mix

Here's a chunk of my set from Wednesday at Heathers. Big thanks to Jeremy for recording this, earlier in the night he spun some Afro-Cosmic after Dan kicked things off w/ disco & postpunk. Fun times. I had some slight volume issues so try not to get clobbered by Cybotron.

Dazzle Mix 11/14/07
1hr15min, 107MB

Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea
Common Sense - Voices Inside My Head
Wobble/Edge/Czukay - Snake Charmer (Reprise)
Betty Botox - Voodoo 1
Antifamily - Law of the Plainsmen
Gary Numan - Films
We Acediasts - Hitori Heiwa Na Nyapo
Can - I Want More

[M. Nutrament rad krauty ambient segment]

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway
The System - You Are In My System
Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind
Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky
Jonzun Crew - Space Is the Place
Van Halen - Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Silver Apples - Oscillations
Beyond the Wizards Sleeve - Electric Bananas
Babe Ruth - Wells Fargo
War - Magic Mountain

Greg Hawkes

Greg Hawkes, Niagara Falls (Passport 1983)
Had my eye out for this after 20 Jazz Funk Greats posted the track "Bee System" a couple weeks ago and waddayaknow, it popped up fast. Pop futuro synth record from 1983, good stuff.

Greg Hawkes - "Block Party"

Also: Check out Beat Electric's soundboard recording of a 1980 disco mix at the SF nightclub Trocadero Transfer with tracks by Sabu, Cerrone, Erotic Drum Band, Theo Vaness ....


Dazzle Ships tonight + Jean-Michel Jarre + USA200

Jean-Michel Jarre, Zoolook (Disques Dreyfus 1984)
Haven't kept up with posting lately because I've been busy looking for records to take to Dazzle Ships tonight (see below) ... like this one ....

Jean-Michel Jarre - "Blah-Blah Cafe"

Stop by if you're in nyc, should be a fun night.

Also check out this live mix by Jacques Renault and Dan Selzer from Friday night at Studio B, hosted by Slap You in Public ...


Unrelated, but I was hunting youtube for any United States of America footage and hit something even better. USA!! USA!! @_@


33/45 @ Dazzle Ships

Come hang out at Heathers - 506 E. 13th St. at Ave. A

33/45 spinning records with Tropical Jeremy / Dan Selzer / Miguel

Wednesday Nov. 14 - 9 pm until ?

Tacos recommended


Space + Konk

Space, Magic Fly (United Artists 1977)

Do I lose disco cool points if I admit I got introduced to this classic synth record through Felix Da Housecat's cover version?? Ran across a copy a couple weeks ago at Tropical Jeremy's stoop sale in Brooklyn ... always happy to trade some lunch money for a few jams. Jeremy and Dan Selzer throw a monthly night at Heathers at 13th and A in the East Village called Dazzle Ships, come out next Wednesday 11/14 when me and Miguel guest star. Disco, kraut, postpunk, rocknroll, electronix, beer. Real laid back. 9 pm till late. Flyer coming soon.

Space - "Magic Fly"

Space - "Tango in Space"

This Friday 11/9 there's also this. It's free, go dance:

Konk - "Love Attack" [1986]

Funny that this is on Bright Lights, Big City, rubbing shoulders with Depeche Mode and "Pump Up the Volume," soundtracking Michael J.'s adventures with the Brazilian Marching Powder.


33/45 Mix - Light the Fuse

Light the Fuse
52 min., 75MB

Mock & Toof - K-Choppers
Glass Candy - Miss Broadway
Barabbas - Wild Safari
Ganymed - Future World
Daniel Wang - Warped
Gino Soccio - It's Alright
Douglas Sound - Do Right
Padded Cell - Faces in the Forest
Medium Medium - Hungry So Angry
Black Devil Disco Club - Timing, Forget the Timing
Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy
Kaos - Panopeeps
Beyond the Wizards Sleeve - Violent Lampshade
Vangelis - Come On