Fugi la

Fugi - "Mary Don't Take Me on No Bad Trip" (Cadet 1969)

This B-side of the "Get Ready" single is the second track on DJ Harvey's Mad Dog Chronicles (hosted at lovefingers.org).

Rare Earth - "Magic Key" (Rare Earth 1969)

Blackbyrds - "Do It, Fluid" (Fantasy 1974)


Took a blues break and I broke it

from Ego Trip's The Big Playback (Rawkus 2000)

Ultimate Force - "I'm Not Playing"

David T. Walker, Plum Happy (Zea 1970)

David T. Walker - "Love Vibrations"

Bobby "Blue" Bland, Two Steps From the Blues (Duke 1961)

Bobby "Blue" Bland - "Don't Cry No More"

Bobby "Blue" Bland - "I'll Take Care of You"

Super Session (Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper) - "Stop"


Dog day doldrums

Sorry I've slowed down a bit .... guess I have fallen under the same spell that seems to have hit a few other blogs in these warm weather hazy days. Too much to do out of doors = slightly fewer posts lately. But have some YouTube:

Glass Candy live 2006

Planningtorock - "Changes"

And lastly, a search for krautrock goodies turned up this neuborn ....



The Only Ones, The Peel Sessions Album (Strange Fruit 1989)
I love Special View but the immediacy and raw production of these BBC sessions from 1977-80 give Peter Perrett's songs an extra boost.

The Only Ones - "Another Girl, Another Planet"

The Only Ones - "Miles From Nowhere"

The Remains, A Session With the Remains (Sundazed 1996)
According to the liner notes for this mid-'90s excavation of forgotten '60s rockers the Remains, the songs come from an audition tape they cut live at the Capitol Records offices in a failed attempt to get a record deal. (They released a few singles on Epic but ultimately never put out an album.) They had gigs until 4 a.m. and the audition was at 9 the next morning -- couldn't have been a pretty sight but these tracks would get anybody's eyes peeled open.

The Remains - "Why Do I Cry"

The Remains - "I'm a Man"


Pool party

Blood on the Wall / Sonic Youth / Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 8-11-06, McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn
Thanks to JT for the photos.

We love the jams

Kim danced a lot

Good old-fashioned guitar abuse

T: I don't need to introduce this guy to you but this is Mark Ibold. He just moved to Brooklyn. [cheers]
T: Queens, he just moved to Queens. The other borough. Hey, someone's gotta do it.
K: This song is dedicated to awesome Queens.
["Jams Run Free" under perfect summer sunshine]

Unfortunately I missed Blood on the Wall and Awesome Color ... I trust they rocked the house. The pool was a cool venue, plenty of room to wander around, great sound, good sightlines from everywhere. Plenty of Brooklyn beer. Yeah Yeah Yeahs were surprisingly awesome live so I decided to go back for day two on Saturday and was glad I did -- they ended up swapping and giving SY the headliner spot. Set was a little longer, and heavier on the classics: "Teenage Riot," "Eric's Trip," "100%." (Although we got "Catholic Block" and "The World Looks Red" on Friday and "Shaking Hell" both nights.) Pretty much made my summer.


Snapping fingers, keeping time

TK Webb, Phantom Parade (Social Registry 2006)
Delta blues mud meets downtown VU chug? Nails that classic feeling without ripping anybody off, because his voice and style are so personal. Out in the fall on Social Registry.

TK Webb - "Which Witch"

Edit: I don't feel like I'm doing this album justice with this post ... just trust me, it's really good ... downtown country blues ...


33/45 Mix - Not of This Earth

Deep disco grooves, melancholy machine music, humid summer jams. Thanks to Suge White for lending me Pigbag. 53 min, 62MB.

Not of This Earth

Neil Norman - Not of This Earth
Pigbag - Dozo Don
David Keaton - Space Patrol
Alan Parsons Project - The Voice
Rene & Angela - I Love You More
Johnny Dynell - Rhythm of Love (Garage Dub)
Cloud One - Funky Track
NY House'n Authority - Apt 1B
The Flying Squad - Trip Two (Night Flight to Venus)
Emperor Machine - Yes No Egg
Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)
Shit Robot - Triumph


Hot fiyah

Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Solar Fire (Polydor 1973)
I'm not really up on all the ins and outs of how the guy that hit with "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" ended up making funky prog jazz-rock. But I'm glad he did!

Manfred Mann 's Earth Band - "Pluto the Dog"

Manfred Mann 's Earth Band - "In the Beginning, Darkness"


Do they wobble to and fro

Excepter, Alternation (5RC 2006)
Your ears, that is. I'm mellllllttinnnnng ....

Recorded half in the studio, half live to tape at Cake Shop, Jeff Street, and Northsix. (I was at the show where "Lypse" was recorded, an opening slot for Yura Yura Teikoku .... what felt shapeless, nameless, aimless in person reads a lot differently when it's locked into the repeatable form of an "album" ... )

Playing live 8/19 at East River Amphitheater. Out on 5 Rue Christine.

Excepter - "Ice Cream Van"

Excepter, KA (Fusetron 2003)
These guys were never as noisy / aggressive as Wolf Eyes but I engage with their music in a similar way -- sometimes it sounds jumbled and unapproachable, others I tune in and it makes perfect sense (kinda scary).

Excepter - "Be Beyond Me"

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