Viva No. 18: Jorge Velez Special Winter Mix

Really really psyched for this week's Viva Radio broadcast -- airing Saturday 1/31 noon Eastern -- Special Winter Mix by Jorge Velez (Italians Do It Better / ThisIsNotAnExit / Still Music / PANACUSTICA). Icy dream-pop for walking under bare trees flows into above-the-clouds house music and more revved-up Italo / electro styles ... including a couple of excellent unreleased Professor Genius jams. Huge thanks to J.V. for putting this together, check this interview for more.


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Deadheat No. 18 [1/31/09]
The Beatles - Penny Lane
Delia Derbyshire - Delia's Theme
Metro - Criminal World
Japan - Taking Islands In Africa
Kate Bush - Egypt
My Bloody Valentine - Blown a Wish
The Church - It's No Reason
The Upsetters - Bird in Hand
Carl Craig - Dreamland
?? - I Feel Love Instrumental
Cosmic Metal Mother - Twice Upon a Time (Professor Genius
Ragazza Mix)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot In Lagos
New Order - Best and Marsh
Professor Genius - Magic Trick (demo)
Coco Bill - EVITA
The Runaways - Hollywood
Jesus & Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking



Black Cock - "Liftoman"
[Love Hotel EP, 1998]

Group Bombino

Group Bombino, Music of Niger: Guitars From Agadez Vol. 2
(Sublime Frequencies 2009)

Follow-up to the series that started with the excellent Group Inerane LP, which disappeared in about two seconds and recently came out on CD ... the Group Bombino vinyl got a slightly bigger run but still a get-it-while-it's-hot situation. The music of Niger -- side 1 is acoustic, side 2 electric and ecstatic.

Group Bombino - "Issitchilane"



Thanks to all who came out to Heathers last night, fun times

Our set should show up eventually on the podcast, my end went something like this

James White & the Blacks - Contort Yourself
Devo - Freedom of Choice
Liquid Liquid - Flextone (JD Twitch Optimo Edit)
Die Zwei - Grapsch! (Communist Party Mix)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Baby, You Nasty
Cymande - Bra
The Meters - Here Comes the Meter Man
Dynastie Crisis - Le Corbeau et le Renard
Rare Earth - Hum Along & Dance
Sarolta Zalatnay - Hadd Mondjam El
Spirit - Mr. Skin
The Seeds - Pushing Too Hard
The Remains - Why Do I Cry
Ginger Baker - Tiwa (It's Our Own)

Giorgio - Son of My Father
Black Cock - Give It Up
Jacques Renault - Bad Skinned
My Cousin Roy - Bobbi's Back
Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood
Baby Huey - Hard Times
Ray Barretto - The Soul Drummers
Chambers Brothers - Funky
Arif Sag - Osman Pehlivan
Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con
Soft Rocks - Black Magic

For Viva this week I'm airing this, noon tomorrow, check it out ...

Helpful Soul

The Helpful Soul - "Aladin's Theme"

The Helpful Soul - "You Got Me Floatin'"

[from First Album Victor 1969]


Deadheat --> Thursday --> Heathers

Cheap drinks, good music + good times, come on out!
13th St btw Ave A + B.

The Beach Boys - "Do It Again"


Black Lips + Screaming Lord Sutch

Lead single from the new Black Lips record, 200 Million Thousand (out Feb. 2009 on Vice), and a slice of deadly Joe Meek-produced reverb rock from Screaming Lord Sutch ....

Black Lips - "Starting Over" [2009]

Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages - "Jack the Ripper" [1963]


Gomez Presley

Box Tops done up "O" Records style. (Not as good as Queen Samantha's version though.)

Gomez Presley - "The Letter" [1981]


Viva No. 16

Saturdays at noon Eastern on Viva Radio .... whenever you want it at www.viva-radio.com/deadheat. This week it's disco and italo classix, some brand new 12"s and a sick Pink Floyd cover.

Deadheat No. 16 [1/17/09]
Soft Rocks - Umut 2000
Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam (Brennan Green's Version)
Giorgio Moroder - Evolution
Imagination - Burnin' Up (King & Hound Edit)
Nancy Martin - Can't Believe
Charlie - Spacer Woman
The Juan Maclean - The Simple Life
Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
Bob-A-Rela - Money


Weird Owl

Weird Owl - "Mind Mountain"
[from Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed Tee Pee 2009]


33/45 Mix - High Pressure Days

New mix -- raw rock n roll new-wave chooglin' edit explosion.

High Pressure Days
56 min., 77MB

Intro - Is This Machine Recording?
The Heads - Land of the Stoned Soul
Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
James Gang - Laguna Salada
Black Oak Arkansas - Swimming in Quicksand
Wade Nichols - Wanda Rode Again
Giorgio - Son of My Father
Dynastie Crisis - Le Corbeau et le Renard
Flavio Kurt - Walderez Walderia
Oblivians - Bad Man
The Mob - Witch Hunt (JD Twitch Re-edit)
The Fall - Psycho Mafia
The Units - High Pressure Days (King & Hound Edit)
23 Skidoo - Vegas El Bandito
Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - Violent Lampshade
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into the Fire
Neu! - Neuschnee

Still wanting more?! -- Grotto of Miracles: Hit That Long Lunar Note and Let It Float -- mood-altering mix feat. Don Cherry, Cosmic Jokers, Monks, &c.

DEADHEAT next Thurs. Jan. 22 -- 9 pm -->> ??
Heathers -- 13th + A -- East Village nyc


Viva No. 15

Noon Eastern Viva Radio .... whenever you want it www.viva-radio.com/deadheat ....

Deadheat No. 15 [1/10/09]
Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps
The Rogers Sisters - Check Level
Life Without Buildings - Let's Get Out
Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth
Brian Eno - No One Receiving
Alan Vega - Saturn Drive
Material - Reduction
The Ex - El Tren Blindado
The Pop Group - She Is Beyond Good and Evil
Pigbag - As It Will Be
DNA - You & You
The Screamers - Sex Boy
Der TPK - Occult Logic
Ike Yard - Cherish
Black Vatican - Night Is Come


Esther Phillips

Esther Phillips, Performance (Kudu 1974)
Esther Phillips might not come across as freaky deaky as a Betty Davis but she hits a similar vibe sometimes, especially on the Eugene McDaniels cover "Disposable Society." Tight record.

Esther Phillips - "Disposable Society"

Esther Phillips - "I Feel the Same"


Back from the dead

Haven't posted in a minute, been workin on a mix to celebrate DEADHEAT's new home at Heathers starting Thursday Jan. 22 (gonna be awesome). Coming soon: this website that is currently just a flyer. And I'm still here every Saturday at noon eastern usa.

In the meantime enjoy this epic jam

Giorgio Moroder - "Evolution"

^^^^^ co-produced by Harold Faltermeyer and sounding like the Lindstrom lp