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Deadheat No. 14 [12/27/08]
Bobby Brown - I Must Be Born
Laser Pace - Avatar
Breakout - Warm Up My Lips
Ariel Pink - Can't Hear My Eyes
Turzi - A Notre Pere
Rub N Tug - Drinky
Hatchback - White Diamond
Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose
Giallos Flame - Body Snatchers
Uhu - Kinetic Energy Pt. 1
Martial Canterel - Hausmann
Tickley Feather - Tonight Is the Nite
Indian Jewelry - Swans

Phase IV

In the next few moments we will try to give you an impression of a new kind of film experience.


Viva No. 13

Excellent xmas present for this week's show -- a heavy selection of swampy rock and fusiony funk from Robots in Heat. As always it airs live at noon on Saturday and then kicks over to the archive. Happy holidays everybody.

Deadheat No. 13 [12/20/08]
Jan Hammer - Darkness / Earth in Search of a Sun
Spirit - The Other Song
Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers
Les Baxter - Hoggin' Machine
Rita Jean Bodine - Dynamite
Muddy Waters - Bottom of the Sea
Luther Allison - Ragged and Dirty
Mandrill - Two Sisters of Mystery
Uriah Heep - Walking in Your Shadow
Savoy Brown - Poor Girl
Elephant - Do What You Love
Cozy Powell - El Sid [Robots in Heat Edit]
Jacques Higelin - Aesophage Boogie, Cardiac Blues
Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker


Viva No. 12

Sweet soul, fractured funk, global rock n roll freaks.

Deadheat No. 12 [12/13/08]
Joe Bataan - Call My Name
McNeal & Niles - Hypertension
Stark Reality - Dreams
Flavio Kurt - Walderez Walderia
Florante - Ibon
Dungen - Ett Skal Att Trivas
D. Lissvik - Track 4
Friendsound - Joyride
Sic Alps - Gelly Roll Gum Drop
Shawn Phillips - Screamer for Phlyses
Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball - Indian Child
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers - I'm Your Witchdoctor
Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sassafras

Coming up next week: Excellent guest playlist from Robots in Heat, don't miss it ...


Wavves + Makeshift

Wavves from San Diego makes bedroom trash-can fuzz-pop-rock, with one self-titled album out now on Woodsist that I need to track down and another forthcoming on De Stijl in 2009 (which is where this track is from). Been listening to a lot of stuff like Sic Alps and Ariel Pink lately (new A.P. track "Can't Hear My Eyes" is sweet btw, scroll down at that link) and this hits that kinda spot too ... also reminds of '90s slacker fuzz like Further's Grimes Golden EP.

Wavves - "So Bored"

For a bonus cut here's a cool edit of A Certain Ratio (incorporating parts of two difft. tracks) by Toronto's Makeshift:

Makeshift - "Luci Skip"


Viva No. 11

I'm wanting to take this site to a new phase (some kind of redesign or new format) but I haven't had time lately for much more than my weekly show on Viva Radio .... keep tuning in every Saturday at noon for a new episode.

Deadheat No. 11 [12/6/08]
Tuxedomoon - Everything You Want
High Places - A Field Guide
Psychic Ills - Meta
A.R. & Machines - Schones Babylon (Beautiful Babylon)
Bo Hansson - Waltz for Interbeings
Andrew Douglas Rothbard - Dardevle
Caribou - Sandy
Conrad Schnitzler - Auf dem schwarzen kanal
Gang Gang Dance - Vacuum
Bernard Szajner - Execute
Crystal Stilts - The City in the Sea
Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Vangelis Papathanassiou - Chromatiques
Hash Jar Tempo - Untitled