Deadheat October

1. Come by Bowery Electric this Thursday Oct. 2 for more fun times

2. Check out my new show on Viva, next episode Saturday at noon:

3. Bonus bomb:
James Gang - "The Bomber" [1970]


Deadheat Radio on Viva - noon!

Short notice but if you're on the internets at noon Saturday 9/27 be sure to catch my Viva Radio debut -- Deadheat No. 1. And if you missed it, check the archive anytime at www.viva-radio.com/deadheat or tune in every Saturday at noon for another hour of brand new jams.

Quiet Village - Gold Rush
Hugo Montenegro - Aces High
Soft Rocks - Black Magic
Shawn Phillips - Withered Roses
Lovefingers - Kentucky
Goat Dance - High Voltage
Jacques Renault - Bad Skinned
Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond - Whispers
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood
Synergy - Terra Incognita
Oneida - Preteen Weaponry (Part II)
Simone Fedi - Yeah!

PLUS: Don't forget DEADHEAT first Thursday of every month at Bowery Electric NYC (Bowery + 2nd) with 33/45 and Grotto of Miracles. 8 to 11 pm October 2. I missed last month's edition so I'm fired up. Flyer comin soon.


Tito Puente

Tito Puente, The Complete 78s Vol. 1 (Fania 2008)
Disappeared for a bit there, been busy getting a radio show up and running for Viva that should debut in the next week or so (stay tuned for details). Let's get back to it with a very cool couple of discs that Giant Step and Fania hooked me up with -- the first time on CD for some of the dozens of 78s that mambo giant Tito Puente released from 1949-1955.

Tito Puente - "Baile Simon"

Tito Puente - "Vibe Mambo"

"Wait a minute. Mr. Oscar. I have a feeling we could get even grouches
like you ... to dance to our kind of music!"


Jacques Renault + Emperor Machine

Jacques Renault - "Bad Skinned"

From the Rvng of the Nrds Vol. 6 12" [Rvng 2008]

Emperor Machine - "Functioning Apewoman"

From the What's in the Box? 12" [DC 2008]



Had to make a trip up to my old stomping grounds of Astoria yesterday and when I ducked into a thrift store to get out of a nasty rainstorm I found Motown Disc-O-Tech #2 [1975] -- pretty good sequel to my Super Bad post down below. Especially love G.C. Cameron's acoustic-guitar funky shuffle and faux-Curtis vox. And Willie Hutch sounding like he hijacked Timmy Thomas' drum machine. Everybody Disc-O.

Eddie Kendricks - "Date With the Rain"

Willie Hutch - "You Sure Know How to Love Your Man"

G.C. Cameron - "No Matter Where"

The Undisputed Truth - "I'm a Fool for You"


Alisha + Bananarama

Dub dub ... dub dub ...

Alisha - "Too Turned On (Dub)" [Vanguard 1985]
(mix by Shep Pettibone)

Bananarama - "Cruel Dub" [London 1983]

P.S. Tradeb1t has a new interface it looks like, no more direct links ... click on the green box on the download page and it should still work ... if not let me know. (Update: Added some Divshare players, click through to download the trax.)


Super Bad Is Back

Best K-Tel ever? I'm thinkin' yeah .... about five more great ones on here that I passed up cause they're more well known (Lyn Collins "Think," Curtis "Future Shock" etc etc). Enjoy the late-summer funk while I enjoy a week at the beach. And remember to catch DEADHEAT this Thursday 9/4 at Bowery Electric with Grotto of Miracles + special guest(s).

Joe Simon feat. The Mainstreeters - "Theme From 'Cleopatra Jones'"

Mandrill - "Fence Walk"

Chi-Lites - "Stoned Out of My Mind"