Saturday + Wednesday

Good music:


Matmos + Matthew Dear

Matmos, Supreme Balloon (Matador 2008)
Saw (well mostly just heard, the Stone was really crowded) a cool set last night from Matmos, who tried out their cover version of Robert Ashley's "The Backyard" in front of the man himself, and previewed some new tracks from their forthcoming LP Supreme Balloon. The new songs were fantastic, especially "Hashish Master," a Cluster-y electronic odyssey based around a collaboration with Terry Riley on Arp synth. Then there was "Rainbow Flag" which had a more whimsical Perrey & Kingsley feel. Excited to hear the rest of the record now ....

Matmos - "Rainbow Flag" [via Matador]

Another highlight was this track from The Rose Has Teeth that they dedicated to "our favorite pornographer."

"Public Sex for Boyd McDonald"

And this one's just a bonus but I really like this short vid of an outdoor gig of theirs in San Francisco, great energy ...

"Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan"

New track from Matthew Dear (aka Audion, False, Jabberjaw etc) over at RCRD LBL, co-released with Ghostly:

Matthew Dear - "Don't Go This Way"

"Don and Sherri"


33/45 Mix - Je Suis Music

Been a while since I did one of these ... hope you're in an analog type of mood ... jump in on some Italo karaoke if you know the words to "Come on Closer" ...

Je Suis Music
62 mins., 85MB

Greg Hawkes - Block Party
Telex - My Time
Paul Hardcastle - Moonhopper
Lovefingers - Zoysia
Neil Young - Mr. Soul
Chilly - For Your Love
Al Usher - Gnanfou (Swag's Gnanby Dub)
Hercules & Love Affair - Classique #2
Two in a Room - A Passing Thought
Professor Genius - La Grotta
Francisco - 80 Voglia
Pineapples - Come on Closer (Extended Club Mix)
Cerrone - Je Suis Music
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - You Can't Go (Edit de Prince Language)


Tickley Feather

Tickley Feather, Tickley Feather (Paw Tracks 2008)
Newest Paw Tracks signee out of Philly sounds like a one-woman Indian Jewelry with more pop sense and less Throbbin Gristle ... or like Planningtorock channeled thru Ariel Pink's 4-track (good combos) ... album's out in April, I'm eager to hear more.

Tickley Feather - "Tonight Is the Nite"

"Sex Face"


Music De Wolfe

Cool compilation of "library" or production music from the De Wolfe vaults.

Alan Parker - "Swarf"

Nick Ingman - "Down Home"

Also: Check out this amazing Adriano Celentano vid that's been making the rounds ... WOW. Update: Just noticed Robots in Heat posted this track a little while ago (1/23/08) ... after seeing Studio namecheck A.C. in an interview ... told ya it was making the rounds.


Koto + Organized Konfusion

Koto - "Visitors" [1985]

Organized Konfusion - "Let's Organize" [1994]

Organized Konfusion - "Fudge Pudge" [1991]

Shooting your video in front of the big globe at the tennis center is pretty classic.


Love Unlimited + Bohannon + Hercules

Been slackin' lately, having too much fun watching Lost and The Wire and getting into Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise (no doubt the subject of a future post) ... for now here's some smooth late 70s funk to keep the weekend mellow ...

Love Unlimited Orchestra - "Strange Games & Things"

Bohannon - "Save Their Souls"

Hercules and Love Affair - "Blind"

New single (with Antony on vocals) from one of my most anticipated LPs of the year. (Also check the Frankie Knuckles remix.) Big night coming up at Studio B on 2/9 with Andy Butler, Robot Blair and Juan Maclean dj sets and Joakim live:

Then a couple weeks later on 3/1 Environ Records throws a Bar Mitzvah with Bumrocks, Dan Selzer, Jeremy Greenspan, Metro Area and a live set from Kelley Polar:

So get out of the apartment or something ... happy Super Bowl ...