Blamma! Blamma!

I don't usually dig into the mailbag for material to post (surprise, most of it sux) but these Blamma! Blamma! guys from London have been hitting my inbox with some pretty rad tracks in the Justice / Sebastian / Digitalism twisted midrange zone so I gotta give it up. Good stuff. (Although I almost wish there was even less of the original vocals in the Maximo chop-up -- dude is annoying!) Two for the rock-and-roll techno kids.

Headland - "Love Hate (Blamma! Blamma! Morgasm Mix)"

Blamma! Blamma! vs. Maximo Park - "Terminal Velocity"

I've kinda been ignoring dance music on the site lately but I'll rectify that soon with a big mix of maximal minimal including new(ish) 12"s from Radioslave, DJ T, Riton, Jona, Prins Thomas and more. With the rise of digital stores like Beatport and Bleep etc. I don't feel like I can put 12" rips of new dance music on the site anymore in good conscience unless it's passed on to me for that purpose in mind, e.g. the Blamma! mixes, some of the RVNG stuff I've posted. (My original thinking was that a lot of dance music was vinyl-only, but in 2007 that doesn't wash.) So I'll try to do some mixes of some of my favorites more often. And you can always check my chart over at Tripwire, I keep it reasonably updated and a lot of that stuff never hits my site either out of laziness, the ethical reason stated above, or because the rest of the blogs got it covered. (I'd rather convert some more thrift-store LP's and stay out of the "exclusive!!!" ratrace thxverymuch. But that doesn't mean I'm not liking new stuff! So check the chart.)

Jeez, shut up already ...


Black Lips

These guys rocked last night at Bowery Ballroom opening for the Ponys. Atlanta garage rock from the psychedelic side (think Seeds or 13th Floor Elevators) ... their latest is a live record for Vice recorded in Tijuana (see the Youtube clip above). The whole Nuggets worship retro thing is kinda tired in general but something makes these guys transcend it .... the catchy-as-hell choruses ("Dirty Hands") and their sloppy party-band vibe don't hurt. As soon as it gets warm enough out to barbecue I'm blasting this on my roof while I grill and drink Buds, shit will sound awesome.

Black Lips - "Buried Alive"


Greasy Truckers Party

Various Artists, Greasy Truckers Party (??? 1972)
Double live LP capturing a London benefit concert from 1972 (check out this review at Head Heritage for a ton more detail than I could manage) featuring Man, Brinsley Schwartz, Magic Michael (?) and last but definitely not least, two monolithic space jams by Hawkwind. For some semi-bootleg soundboard shit from the '70s this has really great fidelity (although, my copy has a skip/pop through the beginning of the second track ... sorry).

Hawkwind - "Master of the Universe"

Hawkwind - "Born to Go"

"Silver Machine" (1972)



Various Artists, Frictions: Disco Select (Virgin France 1981)
Rescued this French disco not disco type comp. from the salvation army recently. Along with OMD ("Enola Gay") and Medium Medium ("Hungry So Angry") there's this great early Human League track and some Franco-nu-wave by the Tokow Boys.

Human League - "The Sound of the Crowd"

Tokow Boys - "Petite Rockette"

Bonus tube: Kickass version of the League's "Being Boiled"
from a 1978 TV appearance.


Gino Soccio

Gino Soccio, Face to Face (Atlantic 1982)
Montreal disco-funk with some great pop hooks among the synthesized squiggles and stripped-down Moroder backbeats. "Remember" sounds like a pop song grafted on top of a Lindstrom production.

Gino Soccio - "Remember"

Gino Soccio - "Dream On"

Gino Soccio, S-Beat (Atlantic 1980)
Poppier than "Face to Face" and a little less Euro/spacey but still has some cool stuff. Love the proto-house vocals and siren synths on "Rhythm of the World."

Gino Soccio - "Rhythm of the World"

Gino Soccio - "S-Beat"

Bonus tube: "Dancer" (1979). Work it out, people.


Retta Hughes + Golden Flamingo Orch.

I first heard the Golden Flamingo song a while back on one of those Octopi compilations, but I didn't know there were multiple tributes to New York's beret-wearing citizen patrolmen until I ran across this track by Rhetta Hughes ....

Rhetta Hughes - "Angel Man (G.A.) (Midtown Mix Inst.)"

The intro rang especially true when I lived in Queens. "May I have your attention, there is no uptown N service today ... no uptown N service today ..."

Golden Flamingo Orchestra - "The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us"


At It Again

Back from vacation ... recharged! Didn't track down any rare Costa Rican funk records in the rainforest but I've got some Brooklyn thrift store finds to post up in the next few days.

Timbaland & Magoo - "We At It Again (Inst. Edit -8)"

Pigbag, Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive (Stiff 1982)
Big thx to Whitey for letting me borrow this one. Darker and weirder than the "Sunny Day"/"Brand New Pigbag" single.

Pigbag - "As It Will Be"

Pigbag - "Brian the Snail"


33/45 Mix - Rainforest

Tired of bundling up ....

.... so we are heading for the rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica. I made a reggae mix to listen to while driving & lounging. My reggae collection isn't that deep so I don't expect these tracks to knock anyone out with obscurity ... but please lay back and enjoy.

56 min, 64 MB

Upsetters - Kentucky Skank
Big Youth - Skyjuice
Half Pint - Greetings
Scientist - King Tubby's Answer
Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meets King Tubbys in a Firehouse
Creation Rebel - African Space
Dillinger - King of the Road
Lloyd & Devon - Wolf Out Deh
Burning Spear - Dry & Heavy
Peter Tosh - Why Must I Cry
Johnny Clarke - We A Africa
Massive Dread - This Is Massive
General Echo - Drunken Master
Yellowman - Yellow Like Cheese
Sly & Robbie - Assault on Station 5
Zap Pow - River

Funky monkey bonus beat:
Wild Sugar - "Bring It Here"

Justine D

Justine D, Rvng Prsnts Mx5 (Rvng 2007)
Following on the heels of Tim Sweeney and Crazy Rhythms (Dan Selzer / Mike Simonetti), New York nightlife's Justine D graces Rvng with a great mix. It's not so much a dance set as a "listening" mix that veers into dance territory, sort of like Psyche Out (Mx5 was recorded at Twitch's studio in Glasgow) ... touching on pop with the Cars and Hot Chip, the synthscapes of Fripp & Eno / Delia & Gavin, "Little Fluffy Clouds," Crass, Christian Death ... all over the place but never jarring. I'm posting the full version of MBV's "Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" off the not-so-secret GDM Vol. 6; head over to the Rvng site to hear the blend into Shocking Blue's "Acka Raga" along with some other excerpts from the mix.

My Bloody Valentine - "Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)"

Justine D - "Nation (Death in June) / Suspiria (Goblin)"


Purdie + Gainsbourg + Garland

Drums drums drums ...

Bernard Purdie, Shaft (Prestige 1971)

Bernard Purdie - "Changes"

Serge Gainsbourg, Les Selections du Cinema de Gainsbourg 12" (Smoke Disque 2004)

Serge Gainsbourg - "La Horse"

The Red Garland Trio, Manteca (Prestige 1958)
Arthur Taylor on drums, the incomparable Ray Barretto on conga.

The Red Garland Trio - "Manteca"