La Bionda + Wuf Ticket

La Bionda, High Energy (Unidisc 1980)
Didn't used to like this album ... what was I thinking?? Anyone who can do a 100% straight-faced disco song about the energy crisis deserves our respect. But that's the title track -- this is "I Got Your Number," which starts out with a nice rock riff (sounds kinda like 10CC) before getting down to disco bizness.

La Bionda - "I Got Your Number"

La Bionda - "I Wanna Be Your Lover"

I've seen this posted on a couple other blogs before, but that's ok since it's the best video ever.

Wuf Ticket, "Ya Mama" 12" (Prelude 1982)
This one's a do-over after I accidentally posted the instrumental side.

Wuf Ticket - "Ya Mama" (Vocal)


33/45 Mix - Late Nite

Just me and some rye whiskey grabbing some records, leaning hard on weird Ohio, weird Memphis, Crypt Records and the Holy Mountain roster.

Late Nite Mix
68 min., 93.7 MB

Sun City Girls - Cineraria Blue
Ego Summit - Illogical
Tyvek - Air Conditioner
68 Comeback - Mr. Downchild
Revelators - Ain't That Hatin' You Baby
DM Bob & the Deficits - Yard Sale
No Age - Neck Escapah
Grifters - His Jesus Song
Peter Laughner - Baby's On Fire
Mirrors - Annie
Dungen - Intro
Wooden Shjips - Shrinking Moon For You
Blues Control - Migration
Brightblack Morning Light - Star Blanket River Child


James Murphy & Pat Mahoney + Prins Thomas

(Not the actual cover ... but it should be)

James Murphy & Pat Mahoney, FabricLive 36 (Fabric 2007)
Never had the pleasure of seeing James Murphy DJ but from what I had to go on (the all-over-the-map BBC radio mix from 2005, a great listen) I wasn't expecting such a singleminded pursuit of D I S C O. There's some obscure grooves on FabricLive 36, mixed by Murphy and Pat Mahoney (ex-Les Say Fav drummer, currently with LCD Soundsystem), but it's not a mix that's just out to score cool points, just a super-fun set of mostly '70s and early '80s disco rubbing up against a few more recent tracks -- made by guys who idolize vintage disco. Daniel Wang's "Like Some Dream (I Can't Stop Dreaming)" from 1991 is the midpoint, a disco nostalgia track that's now old enough to be a classic in its own right (Balihu 001 just got re-pressed on vinyl, btw). Also on the mix is Instant Funk, Donald Byrd, Chic, "Still Going Theme," Mouzon's Electric Band, and my personal favorite bit, when it breaks down into an acappella of Junior Byron's "Dance to the Music." Out next month on Fabric.

Lenny Williams - "You Got Me Running"

Gichy Dan - "Cowboys and Gangsters"

Prins Thomas, Cosmo Galactic Prism (Eskimo 2007)
See now this one has that all-over-the-map thing going ... and from the opening track, Joe Meek's "I Hear a New World" with its helium tape-loop aliens, I was hooked. Double-disc set travels through classic rock, Hawkwind, disco, fusion, Kompakt house, Holger Czukay, and when its more than two-hour run is over you feel like Prins Thomas' mix is somewhere out there in the ether going on for days and years and you just plugged into a small part of it ....

Bob James - "Moonbop"

The Honeymoon Killers - "Decollage (Prins Thomas Multitrack Edit)"


Sightings + Sunburned

Sightings - "Perforated"

Brooklyn NY's Sightings produced by Andrew WK, seemingly heading in more of a Liars direction which is cool w/ me. Fucking fierce. Through the Panama out soon on Load, wow click that link at your own risk I hope those dragons and that car really love one another.

Now go here, it's Sunburned Hand of the Man produced by Kieran Hebden / Four Tet (!), seemingly heading in a Neu! direction. So sick, can't wait to hear the rest. I lost track of these guys around the time of Wedlock .... totally back on board. Fire Escape out soon on Smalltown Supersound, cover art by Boredoms' Eye.


Fusion explosion

Sometimes the search for the cosmic groove takes me into some serious fusion territory. Just a warning before you dive in, things could get pretty hairy ....

Lalo Schifrin, Gypsies (Tabu 1978)
I pitched a couple of these down and did some editing on "Pampas" to excise some high-pitched sax that would make Kenny G blanch. Cool album tho, very spacey.

Lalo Schifrin - "Rings Around the Moon"

Lalo Schifrin - "Pampas (Edit)"

Lalo Schifrin - "To Cast a Spell"

Brian Auger & The Trinity, Befour (RCA 1970)
Four drummers play on this cut simultaneously, one using his whole kit to play hi-hat rhythms, one representing the bass drum, snare, etc. ....

Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Listen Here"

The Eleventh House, Introducing the Eleventh House with Larry Coryell (Vanguard 1974)
Alphonse Mouzon on percussion, Coryell going nuts on guitar.

The Eleventh House - "The Funky Waltz"

Flying Island, Flying Island (Vanguard 1975)

Flying Island - "The Aquilon Wave"


Wooden Shjips + Arthur Verocai

Wooden Shjips, Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain 2007)
Holy Mountain's one of my favorite labels right now, just look at the album covers on their home page -- Om, the new Blues Control, the Cherrystones comps, and this disc from SF psychers Wooden Shjips (must be something in the water out there).

Wooden Shjips - "We Ask You to Ride"

Arthur Verocai, Encore (Far Out 2007)
Arthur Verocai's Encore on Far Out is a follow-up to his 1972 self-titled LP of orchestrated Brazilian folk, jazz and funk (reissued on Luv N'Haight). Should go great with the Tim Maia collection out soon on Luaka Bop ...

Arthur Verocai - "Bis"


Idris Muhammad

Idris Muhammad, Boogie to the Top (Kudu 1977)
Funky drummer's cosmic synth soaked soul disco harmonica jam. Think it sounds better slowed down a little even though that takes it from long to really long.

Idris Muhammad - "Boogie to the Top"


Kid Dynamite + James Taylor

Ali Baba beckons you to hear some classick breaks ...

Kid Dynamite, Kid Dynamite (Cream 1976)
You got the feeling, I got the time.

Kid Dynamite - "Uphill Peace of Mind"

James Taylor & the Original Flying Machine, James Taylor & the Original Flying Machine (Springboard 1971)
Yeah if you could throw in a couple of "yeah unh unhs" right when he's playing the drums.

James Taylor & the Original Flying Machine - "Knockin' Round the Zoo"


Black Oak Arkansas + Thelma Houston

Beach time ....

.... back in a week or so. Enjoy.

Black Oak Arkansas, High on the Hog (Atco 1973)
You can never have enough chooglin'.

Black Oak Arkansas - "Swimmin' in Quicksand"

Black Oak Arkansas - "Moonshine Sonata"

Thelma Houston, Sunshower (Dunhill 1969)

Thelma Houston - "Cheap Lovin'"

Thelma Houston - "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

Bootleg of a bootleg of a bootleg bonus beats -- found this anonymous 12" on the "Chicago House Records 1988" label:

People of the House - "Best of Chicago House Mix '87 (The Past, the Present and the Future Mix)"